5 Health Benefits Of Weight Loss

People have many different reasons for wanting to begin a weight loss program. Although losing weight is not always easy, there are several benefits which can result from a healthy weight loss plan. You will always hear such general benefits as looking better, feeling better, better self esteem, sexier, easier to climb stairs, and so on. But what are some of the very real reasons that people might really need to be thinking of?

Here are a few short term and long term benefits of a good weight loss program.

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1. Several major causes of death, including hypertension, heart disease, and strokes can be avoided or prevented by weight loss.

Heart disease and stroke are two of the major causes of death and disability in both men AND women in America. High cholesterol, which can contribute to heart disease, tends to be more prevalent in overweight people. Death from heart disease and stroke often strikes without warning yet could be prevented by a program of regular exercise and sensible nutrition.

The weight loss does not have to be great, either. Minor decreases in weight can significantly decrease the chance of developing heart disease or having a stroke. Of course, when we speak of "weight loss" we really ought to be saying "fat loss". It is not the weight which is the issue as much as it is the quantity of excess fat which has accumulated in the body.

2. Healthy weight loss can help prevent Type II diabetes.

Diabetes, like many other problems not only puts you in danger of death, but also changes the manner in which you can live your life. Type I and Type II diabetes have been linked to being overweight. It has been shown that in addition to helping prevent diabetes, regular exercise and healthy nutrition can help reduce the effects of diabetes and perhaps reduce the dependency on treatments, such as insulin. It doesn't take much. Change a few habits, cut out the wrong kinds of food, or substitute the right ones, take some regular walks to help burn fat, and you are on your way.

3. Weight loss helps reduce the risk of cancer.

Many types of cancer, such as breast cancer and colon cancer, just to name two, have been linked to being overweight. While carrying extra fat is not the only contributor to the development of cancer, it has been shown that shedding that extra fat can be an important factor in preventing the development of cancer. Some other cancers which seem to be linked to obesity in this way are cancer of the uterus, gallbladder, ovary, prostate, and rectum.

4. Weight loss helps ease the pains of arthritis.

This is particularly true of osteoarthritis. When you are overweight, the fat you carry tends to push joints out of alignment, and the excess weight produces extra stress on joints. This can contribute to the development and discomfort of arthritis. Regular exercise can also help keep joints strong, flexible, and well lubricated.

5. Weight loss can improve your sleep.

One common problem associated with being overweight is sleep apnea. In this condition, you temporarily stop breathing for brief periods. There is generally also heavy breathing and snoring all or which interferes with getting a good night's sleep...and rest. This leads to tiredness and drowsiness during the day. Many people have found that losing even a few pounds can help head off this problem. Additionally, regular exercise and proper nutrition can contribute to more restful sleep and fewer problems related to stress and fatigue.

As you can see, taking measures to burn fat off your body, in a healthy weight loss program, of course is of great value. The benefits of weight loss through regular exercise and proper nutrition can make life more enjoyable and rewarding.

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