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There are many uses of green tea. It is not just an ordinary tea but it is packed with health benefits and also known to burn fats and boost metabolism. This tea is keeping its reputation for keeping healthy but also aids in losing weight. The benefits of green tea include highest concentration of antioxidants called polyphenols and this said element will not just prevent ailments but also cure the disease. Fights cholesterol build-up, and with regards to green tea weight loss, it has antioxidant EGCD that will help burn fats in the body and aid in metabolism resulting a person to lose weight. A study show that drinking 3 cups will actually burn up to 4% energy, like burning 80 calories are being burn per day by just drinking. Aside from burning fats it will also provides lots of benefits to the body's health.

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Ooling is one of the three types of tea that is manufactured from tealeaves. Other two types are black teas and green teas. It is less fermented than black tea. Most Chinese restaurants serve ooling and is sold commercially in the united states and other parts of the world. It has many health benefits and is even proved to prevent cancer and other diseases. And most of all it has a weight reducing effect because of the antioxidant that will help in the metabolism of the body. It also reduces weight through increasing energy expenditure (EE). Caffeine itself is known to increase EE and is found in ooling tea that's why it also speeds up metabolism and has a weight reducing effect in the body. And ooling has antioxidant called polyphenolic that is good for metabolism.


There are so many weight reducing tea. And choosing the best will be difficult because they have their own nutritional facts to be considered in order to be the best losing weight pill. Usually all weight loss tea are the same and will differ with their measurement of only a point percent on to some ingredients, there are many brand names of tea and all came from the same plan, and only differs in the process of making the tea. This includes green, black and ooling tea. The difference is that the process that is being done to make the tea. All green tea are picked and is heated in order to have natural enzymatic reaction or oxidation of the leaf and other processes for different tea. The processing differences make each category or tea beneficially different even though they come from the same plant.


There are wide spread of Chinese weight reducing tea and it includes; green tea, black tea, ooling tea, some brand names like tava, Wu Yi, Lu Yu Museum and many other brands.

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