Lifestyle Changes For Fast Weight Loss

Many women and men wonder if fast weight loss can really be achieved. There are literally thousands of supplements, diets, and books out there claiming overnight weight loss. Many folks give these a try and are disheartened when their weight loss is not as quick as the diet or supplement said it was going to be.

Like many things, fast weight loss can be achieved, but only with the proper dedication and determination. There's no doubt that losing weight quickly can be a challenge - but like many other challenges in life, it too can be overcome.

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Losing weight should be viewed as a change in lifestyle. Once you achieve a change in how you view yourself, and how you view diet and exercise, the quick weight reductions will follow. But it doesn't work the other way around. A change in mindset much occur first, then the weight loss will follow.

The biggest tip for fast weight loss is to find a reason "why" that is deep down inside of you. When you find this reason, you'll feel it deep inside your gut. It's true. I've felt it and many others have, as well. It's part of our physiology to have a strong connection between desire and our gut - it's why we get butterflies when we're scared, in love, or have a deep desire. Finding your personal reason is paramount before even beginning to diet.

Take out a sheet of paper and list the reasons why you'd like to lose weight. It might be to be in shape to play softball next season, to look great at the beach, to find a great partner, or just to have the energy to play out in the yard with your children. Whatever it is, list it out.

Next, choose the one single item from this list that either helps you achieve all the other goals, or is a more important reason that all the others combined. You'll know this because you'll get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that I was talking about earlier.

After you've identified your reason, focus your energies on changing your lifestyle, and creating a program for fast weight loss in the beginning, then a sustained program thereafter. For many, if you don't see quick weight reductions at the beginning of your program, you'll get discouraged, and want to either quit, or keep moving. (That's why we came up with your #1 reason earlier).

Fast weight loss must be achieved with a double edged sword: diet and exercise. You cannot lose weight at all - much less quickly - without the combination of making changes in your eating habits along with some vigorous exercise. This will create the caloric imbalance that you need of low caloric intake, and high fat burning through exercise.

The harder you work on each edge of this sword, the faster you'll achieve weight loss. It's important to note that "fast" is very relevant for all of us, and to not become discouraged because you didn't lose as much this week as last.

The fastest weight loss will be achieved by eliminating sources of fats, sweets, sugars, and processed foods from your diet. Focus on eating lean meats along with larger-than-usual portions of fresh fruits and vegetables will produce the fastest cuts in caloric intake. In addition, increase the amount of water that you're drinking and reduce or eliminate other drinks such as sodas, alcoholic beverages, and even juices.

Fast weight loss is also possible with an active lifestyle, and choosing to be "active". You won't find quick reductions in weight by sitting on the sofa. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at school or work, park further out at the store and use that opportunity to walk further, find family activities that combine fitness along with fun - such as simply going to the park, and finally, going for a brisk walk every single day and not just every other day, if possible. Of course, check with your doctor first before starting on an exercise or dieting program, but also be sure to view this as a lifestyle change, rather than a temporary fix for excess weight.

Ultimately, fast weight loss is achieved first by having a strong enough reason "why", then following a program to get there through changes in diet and fitness. It's truly a lifestyle change and should be viewed as such to truly succeed. Combining both changes in eating habits along with vigorous exercise will help you to achieve the fastest weight loss, rather than relying on just one or the other.

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