Want Quick Weight Loss? The Real Solution Will Surprise You!

In our culture today, we want EVERYTHING to be "quick"--including our weight loss. We want to pop a "magic" pill, gadget, or diet that will make years' worth of weight just melt away.

But most quick weight loss solutions don't work.

You might drop a quick 5 or 10 pounds, but that weight just comes right back (sometimes more!) And you feel even worse than before.

But research shows that the answer to lasting weight loss (and often quick weight loss) is found in something that is a real surprise. I'll get to that in just a minute. First, let's examine the word, "quick".

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What is QUICK?

I'd like you to think about the word "quick" in relation to weight loss. It probably took you several years to reach your current weight. So if it takes you a few months to lose that weight, that truly IS quick! So, then if you're looking for something that's more "quick" than that, it's really not realistic.

Especially if you want to KEEP the weight off.

Research Shows a Revolutionary New Path to Weight Loss

The fact that we're looking for quick this, and quick that (including quick weight loss) shows the exact problem that is making, and keeping, us fat. We're always in a rush! And we're always stressed. That combination is lethal for our weight. And the research proves it.

You've probably heard of the stress-cortisol-weight gain connection. But the reality of the situation goes way beyond that. Research shows that our brain actually has to experience PLEASURE and SATISFACTION in order to absorb nutrients.

When we eat in a stressed, rushed state our brain doesn't even recognize the we've eaten anything. So it gives us a clear message: I'm still hungry! So we eat more, and more.

How do YOU eat?

Let's look next at how YOU eat. Here are some questions for you:

Do you eat when you're feeling depressed, angry, anxious, or stressed? Do you eat quickly? Are you a multi-tasker when you eat? (Do you read, work at the computer, etc.?) Do you eat in front of the television or while driving? Do you feel that you just don't have time to eat a "regular sit-down meal"?

My guess is that you will say "yes" to at least one of these...if not ALL of them!

Stress and speed are ingrained into our culture, and it's making us fat! How do you think the French and Italians would respond to the same questions? My guess is that they would say "No" to all of the questions. And despite the fact that they eat diets that most people would consider "sinful", they are very thin, healthy people.

The reason for this lies in HOW they eat. They are eat in a relaxed state. They take plenty of time for their meals. They don't eat low carb, low fat, or low calorie diets...instead they eat a HIGH PLEASURE diet!

Guilt and Deprivation No More

Current weight loss solutions employ guilt and deprivation, and that's precisely why they fail. We are wired to FEEL GOOD, and that is what we constantly seek. By depriving ourselves (and thereby being stressed and miserable) we set ourselves up for failure.

The new weight loss solution is PLEASURE and RELAXATION. But those words go against everything we've been taught about weight loss, don't they? Not anymore.

A Revolution in Dietary Science

A powerful new way to eat is just being discovered, and it's revolutionizing dietary science.

Once you learn this new technique, eating and dieting will never be the same again.

What is it? It's Sensual Eating.

So how do you become a Sensual Eater?

Start by being aware. There are several key areas of awareness before, during, and after you eat.

They are:

your emotional state your state of relaxation your breathing smell of the food feel of the food, both with your hands as you're preparing it, and in your mouth look, or the visual aspect of the food taste of the food ambiance, or what sounds and activities are going on around you while you're eating

You can boil these down to TWO things: relaxation and enjoyment.

They sound so simple, but few people actually practice this way of eating. (And it shows. We are the most overweight people of all the nations in the world.)

So become a "sensual eater" today, and you'll lose weight with pleasure!

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