Weight Loss Plans - Key Weight Loss Tips For Success

Everywhere you look you'll find articles about the best weight loss plan available and the best weight loss tips. Especially with all the New Year Resolutions, it seems that every health club and every magazine is spouting about calories, protein, and exercise. In fact, it is somewhat of a joke to those of us in the health and wellness industry, that the secret to weight loss is...

Are you ready for the real secret to weight loss: Weight Loss Plans - Key Weight Loss Tips For Success. And this is where the joke is. The article continues to say something like" Eat smart, exercise, and limit starches (if you're lucky, it'll talk about starches).

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Let's look at what is really going to make you successful in your weight loss goals this new year.Smart Food Choices: You must change the way you eat: You may have to eat more, you may have to eat differently, or you may have to eat less. You must also enjoy the way you are eating so that you feel satisfied. A diet high in protein and too low in carbs may cause your endorphines to go down; therefore, increase the risk of depression and an overall feeling of sadness. Ideally you want 40% protein, 30% carbs and 30% fat. Everyone is unique. There are software programs designed to help you with this aspect of weight loss. They will calculate the protein, carbs, fat, and even take into account exercise. Which brings us to #2.
Exercise: Yes, you need to exercise. Of course. Any program that is bragging that you don't need to increase your exercise, IS NOT worth looking at. The idea is not to just lose weight. If that were the case, you wouldn't care if you lost muscle over fat. This is a huge downfall of most dieters because losing muscle is a vicious cycle and causes your metabolism to slow down. Let's make this very clear: the number on the scale will go do. Sounds good. Well, the person in the mirror will look FATTER. Yes, even though you are losing weight, it is the wrong kind of weight and you will feel heavier. Exercise, helps you maintain muscle, increases your energy, increases your metabolism, and helps your heart.
Leucine: Leucine is a key amino acid critical for maintaining your muscle mass and losing the ugly villain that we all know as fat. No matter how awesome we are at planning healthy, natural meals, it is virtually impossible for us to plan meals high in leucine without using natural supplementation. Will we lose weight without leucine. Yes. Will our weight loss plan be more effective and faster with leucine? Absolutely!
Cost: Whether we want to admit it or not, cost is usually an excuse. Top excuses for not want to start a weight loss plan are 1. cost, 2. time and 3. fear. One of the best weight loss plans that we have seen cost about $10/day. This may sound costly to some; however, you need to investigate the value of these plans when you are researching what is best for you. Many plans offer meals, snacks, supplements, and energy products (safe and healthy of course - no reason to become lean and addicted to caffeine. Stay healthy). Most of us couldn't buy 2 meals for $10/day. We mentioned value so let's look at what excess weight cost a person: joint problems - eg knee pain, back pain, diabetes - increases many other problems, heart disease, reducing risk of cancer - especially breast cancer, fatigue and the list goes on and on.... What dollar amount can we place on health? Nothing, because it is truly priceless.
Be Prepared: Every success weight loss plan is much easier when you are prepared. Design your routine to include exercise and prepare your food in advance. You can eat sweets now and then or have a beer now and then, just realize that these calories are part of your daily calories of 40% protein, 30% carbs and 30% fat. This is really where the software can help you. You don't need an expensive software either.
Fear: Fear (this is really the heart of it all - fear of not succeeding). Many of us are afraid to commit to a weight loss plan because we are afraid we won't succeed. No one likes to fail. We need to keep in mind that in reality, any day of eating balanced, is better than no days at all. So you have no reason to fear not succeeding because the only way you don't succeed is by not starting. Otherwise, one day of walking is better than not walking at all. One day of eating a balanced breakfast is better than eating fast food.

One phrase to best describe the real secret of a weight loss plan, it would be "Persistent Balance'.

PS. It never hurts to be forgiving of yourself also, we all slip off the healthy weight train sometimes. The important thing is that we get back on the train.



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