For Successful Weight Loss, Become A Patient Person

What does it feel like when your weight isn't reducing
as quickly as you would like? I imagine it feels
frustrating. I bet you even experience a sense of failure
on your part.

Most of us want to lose weight quickly, perhaps by
tomorrow, even though we know that realistically this
won't happen. Because we want the weight loss to
happen much more quickly than it's going to, we put
undue pressure on ourselves.

We want to achieve more in a shorter space of time.
This is because your expectations are too high and
generally not achievable. When these expectations
aren't reached, you feel disappointed.

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I've found that the inability to handle this
disappointment is one of the things which throws people
off track. They lose sight of the goal they're looking to
achieve. Setting these high expectations and then not
reaching them, is like setting yourself up for failure.

Setting your target at a lower, yet achievable level
allows for a successful weight loss. Part of setting
lower expectations is for you to develop your patience.
You'll then appreciate weight loss won't happen
overnight and you need to embark on a longer process.

We all want to see speedy results and there are so many
companies promoting quick fixes for weight loss that
it's all too easy to feel that it can happen quickly.
Healthy weight loss will take some time. The habits
which caused you to gain weight, which you've built up
over the years, will take some time to change. To
ensure these changes happen permanently requires
patience on your part.

Generally we as human beings don't make changes easily
or quickly. By developing your patience you can take
some of the pressure off and this allows you to see that
changes do happen over time. Steady, slower progress
tends to achieve results in the long term.

I encourage you to determine for yourself what having
patience means for you. It may be that you set yourself
a goal to handle just one habit at a time. Perhaps it's
discarding one habit which causes weight gain and
replacing it with a healthier habit which promotes
weight loss.

It may be useful to consider which aspect of losing
weight causes you most pressure and then see what
having patience with this will mean. What reminders
can you create for yourself to be patient? Perhaps it's
a sticker on your kitchen wall or your bathroom mirror.

Have the patience to take your weight loss one day at a
time. We live in an age where we expect most things to
happen much more quickly than they did before.

Although many things do happen instantly, for instance,
communications, the same cannot be said for weight loss.
Weight loss is achievable when you are patient and work
at a more natural pace. The cycle of spring, summer,
autumn and winter still take a complete year! Weight
loss is similar.

I suggest one of the first steps is to accept that weight
loss will take some time. Then, I encourage you to set
some realistic goals and time scales for yourself. Most
things in life which are worth having take time.
Feeling healthy and fit is worth the commitment but
you must be patient along the way.

What I want for you is to be patient and take steady,
measured steps towards your weight loss.

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